Monday, 20 October 2008

A trip to Orvieto

Last Saturday we went on a trip to Orvieto, in leafy Umbria. It is a small town built on a rock dominating the valley around it. It has plenty of narrow medieval streets and an outstanding Dome, a masterpiece of Gothic art.

We had a lovely time, far from the hussle and bustle of Rome.

Sometimes it is nice to see that one can live a different lifestyle from the hectic one everybody has in the Capital. Orvieto can look a little too drowsy for somebody's tastes, but this slow-paced and people-friendly city charmed me with its green spaces, small and cosy houses and easy-going character.

(By the way, Mr Gingolotto laughed out loud when, at the station bar, we overheard a 20 minutes' conversation between two men during which the older one asked meticolous information about the functioning of a stereo player the younger one had with him: "Do the songs come with the stereo player?", "Do you have to put the disk inside?", "Are you telling me you can use either batteries or electicity? That's very handy!", "Just €39 for all of that? That's a bargain!". The patience the younger guy used to answer to all kind of questions was simply amazing!).

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