Saturday, 15 November 2008

All's well that ends well

As usual, I had lots of ideas, but put into practice very few (just personalised invitations, a birthday crown, a homemade cake).

Anyway, on the 8th November we had Helena's so longed-for birthday party. It took place in a playhouse called "Semaforo Blu", with about 20 children (schoolmates and friends). The birthday girl received lots of lovely presents, and, to mummy's satisfaction and jubilee, not one Winx doll was given as a present (did I ever mention I HATE WINX merchandising?)


  1. Happy Birthday little Helena who's growing up by the minute.

  2. Tanti auguri...

    E grazie per il commento sul mio blog, fa sempre piacere conoscere chi passa a trovarmi!