Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Falling through the days

What's going on.
You're tired. You're still trying to get breastfeeding to be smooth and easy for both of you. Your body has started to heal. You're trying to cope with visitors as well as looking after the baby. You're in a dreamworld. FORGET THE BLOODY HOUSEWORK.
You'll find that the tiny outfits that fitted in the first week of birth start to get too small (the baby outfits, not yours).
Lenght and weight? Oh who cares. Forget the statistics for a minute. Every day your baby's getting closer to becoming a social being who sleeps more and doesn't cry so much (although the amount of crying reaches a peak at about six weeks old). So every day you're getting closer to the time when you can get some more sleep. Live in the moment, as babies do. Forget about what you have to do tomorrow or next week.
Take it one day, even one hour at a time, sister.

Kaz Cooke, The Rough guide to Pregnancy and Birth, pp.384-5.


  1. ... e se non tutti hanno un Proficiency comm'ammia?

  2. Si arrangiano! ;)
    Questo è un post a mio uso e consumo..
    E poi.. non fare la modesta: il tuo inglese è eccellente.

  3. Io dico sempre che i più difficilli sono i primi tre mesi!!
    Tieni duro!!

  4. il mio piccolo ha 14 mesi e questo brano sembra ancora calzare piuttosto bene... dovrò preoccuparmi? ;)